Tel Aviv Half Day Tour


    3-4 Hours

    Kids Friendly

    Flexible route for groups

    Tel-Aviv, the city that never sleeps, is now turning itself into the biking capital of Israel! With many paved bike routes, flat terrain and coastal breeze – we invite you to take part in a biking journey alongside the coast! We invite you to experience the busy and bustling town of Tel Aviv-Jaffa with an exciting bike tour alongside it’s marvelous coastline and inside the main boulevards and business-culture center of the city. Our half day bike tours in Tel Aviv are three to four hours long, family friendly and well suited for bikers with or without experience. Starting and ending point: Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv Promenade, under Herods and Crown Plaza Hotel.

    Highlight points of the tour:

    • Ben Gurion House: The house of Paula and David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister and founding father, 17 Ben Gurion Boulevard, Tel Aviv. Built in 1929 in one of Tel Aviv’s first labourer neighborhoods, it served as the main home for David Ben Gurion and there he wrote the famous declaration of independence just before he went to read it in the old Tel Aviv Museum. A visit to his house allows you to connect to Israel’s past and history as well as to Ben Gurion’s humble life style and modesty.
    • Rabin Square – City Hall: The biggest public square in Tel Aviv, home to Tel Aviv’s City Hall and a famous spot for political rallies and celebrations. The square was called “Malchei Israel” (Kings of Israel) in the past, but was renamed after the assassination of Israel’s prime minister Yitzchak Rabin that took place there in 1995. At the southern end of the square stands the holocaust memorial sculpture designed and built by the artist Yigal Tomerkin.
    • Habima Square – Tel Aviv’s Culture Center and National Theater: Located in the intersection of Rothschild Boulevard, Hen Boulevard and Dizengoff street, Habima Square is the home to some of Tel Aviv’s famous culture institutions, Habima Theater, the Culture Palace and Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art. 
    • Habima (the stage) Theater is the national theater of Israel since 1958 and one of the first to perform plays in the Hebrew language. In 2012 Habima theater was renovated and the historic building was rebuilt and designed with respect to its national status and history. A beautiful garden was built around the compound, Gan Yaakov, and it is a must point for travelers visiting Tel Aviv.
    • Rothschild Boulevard: Beginning in Neve Tzedek neighborhood in the south and running north up to Habima Theater, Rothschild Boulevard is the heart of old historic Tel Aviv, the main financial center and one of the most expensive streets in the city. Alongside the boulevard are famous top restaurants, shops, art galleries, banks, embassies and lots of startup companies as the area has recently become a hub for the Tel Aviv and Israeli startup scene. The boulevard is famous for its numerous historic buildings in the Bauhaus and International architecture, forming the White City of Tel Aviv, chosen by UNESCO in 2003 to become a world heritage site. Among the historic buildings stands the Independence Hall, 16 Rothschild Boulevard, where David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, signed and read the declaration of independence on May 14th, 1948, thus establishing the state of Israel.
    • Neve Tzedek: The first Jewish neighborhood built in 1887 outside of the overcrowded Old city of Jaffa by a group of Sephardi and Yemenite Jews.  Later, when Tel Aviv neighborhood-city was established in 1909 it became a part of it and was famous for its low-rise buildings, narrow streets, artists and writers that resided there and Bauhaus architecture with Art Nouveau design elements. During the years as Tel Aviv went through massive development, especially in its northern parts, Neve Tzedek was left behind and neglected. Nevertheless, in the 1980’s it went through preservation and renovation process led by the city government to its historic buildings and became a fashion trendy neighborhood attracting the young Tel Aviv residents. Today it is a center for art studios, cafes, bars, fashion shops, boutique hotels and is home to the famous and well known around the world Suzzann Dellal Center for Dance and Theater.
    • Jaffa Port: The ancient port of the city Jaffa and one of the oldest known ports in the world, was the main entrance to Israel just as Ben Gurion Airport is today. Imported goods where brought to Jaffa port by ships from all over the world via the Mediterranean Sea and from there dispersed to the rest of the country. Up to this day the Jerusalem Boulevard in Jaffa leads towards the old highway to Jerusalem where goods were shipped on a daily and weekly basis. When new ports were built in Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Haifa and Eilat, Jaffa Port lost its leading role and is now serving local fisherman and tourists that roam around searching for the exact point where Jonna set out for his biblical journey to meet the whale. Jaffa Port has gone through massive renovation efforts in the last years and today is home to cafes, bars, restaurants, art shops and famous institutions such as the Mayumana Dance Group and the Na-Lagaat deaf blind Theater and Cafe.
    • Tel Aviv Promenade: The marvelous busy and bustling coastline of Tel Aviv running along the Mediterranean seashore. In the last years it has gone through massive renovation and has paved bike routes, a beautiful promenade, lookout points, luxurious cafes, bars, hotels and of course Tel Aviv’s wonderful beaches.

    Photo taken by Dana Friedlanderfor the Ministry of Tourism


    $65 per person

    group price:

    above 10 people – $65 per person

    What is provided/included and what do i need to bring?

    closed shoes (not a must), warm clothes for night rides, Jerusalem tends to be chilly at nights, bottle of water (not a must).

    What are my responsibilities as a client?

    make sure everyone knows how to ride a bike – intermediate level.

    What is the starting and ending points?

    the entrance to the Karta Parking lot, Yitzchak Kariv 6 Jerusalem.

    What kinds of bikes are provided on my bicycle tour?

    Marine Ella Valley, 26 inch wheels, 21 (7*3) shimano gear, sport/city bikes. women/men/children sizes available.

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