Jerusalem to the Dead Sea & Eilat



    Intermediate Level

    Flexible route for groups

    Feel the vastness of the Negev desert, witness the beauty of the Dead Sea, be awed with the sight of the majestic Ramon Crater, Breath in with relief on the beach in Eilat – all of these are just small parts of an unforgettable adventure.

    Our most exclusive excursion, Jerusalem Biking offers you an option of several tours in the Negev, among them tours in the southern Dead Sea & Sdom Moutain, The Northern Negev & Beer Sheva, The Central Negev & Sde Boker, Mitzpe Ramon & Ramon Crater, The Arava & Eilat, and much more!

    The segments of the tour are the following:

    1. The Southern Dead Sea and Sdom Mountain
    Attractions include: Sdom Mountain, Pratzim River

    2. Beer Sheva to Sde Boker
    Attractions include: Beer Sheva, the Negev Brigade Memorial
    the Neut Hovav bike path, Ben Gurion's Hut & Memorial Park.

    3. Mitzpe Ramon & the Ramon Crater
    Attractions include: Mitzpe Ramon's visitor center, attractions inside the Ramon Crater.

    4. + 5. The Arava & Eilat
    Attractions include: Yotvata company visitor center, Timna Park, the Eilat Mountains, Eilat's Beach Promenade

    All of these tours can be arranged  in seperate day trips, or as a whole experience with one week of biking. The tours are available during the colder seasons, from September to June, and serve as a perfect winter getaway for all the avid bikers wishing to warm up during holiday season.

    Due to the unique nature of each and every one of these tours, each tour is hand crafted to accommodate all the specific requests of our guests.

    Reservations and inquiries for this tour are done directly by contacting our office.

    Photo taken by Dafna Tal & Yoav Lavi for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism

    group price:

    Please contact our office for further inquiries and prices.

    What is provided/included and what do i need to bring?

    closed shoes (not a must), warm clothes for night rides, Jerusalem tends to be chilly at nights, bottle of water (not a must).

    What are my responsibilities as a client?

    make sure everyone knows how to ride a bike – intermediate level.

    What is the starting and ending points?

    the entrance to the Karta Parking lot, Yitzchak Kariv 6 Jerusalem.

    What kinds of bikes are provided on my bicycle tour?

    Marine Ella Valley, 26 inch wheels, 21 (7*3) shimano gear, sport/city bikes. women/men/children sizes available.

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