Cross Jerusalem – Half Day Tour


    3-4 Hours

    Intermediate level

    Flexible route for groups

    Don't have enough time to see Jerusalem, but have a few hours left to spend? Our Half day tour of Jerusalem is just for you! See all the sites in this intense, one of a kind bike tour! Our guests that wish to experience all the major attractions of western Jerusalem via bicycle are welcome to join our 3-4 hour bike tour, which includes riding alongside the Old City walls, strolling parallel to the light train, squeezing through the Market's narrow streets, soaking in the sunlight in the Rose Garden, enhancing with inspiration at the Bridge of Strings, and much more. This tour is most recommended for avid bikers that have experience in longer urban bikes, as it is a 3-4 hour long ride. For those who choose to participate in this tour – a condensed, 3-4 hour long, thrilling exercise with a handful of attractions is guaranteed!

    Highlight points of the tour:

    • Old City Walls: the magnificent walls surrounding the Old City were built and destroyed numerous times in the last 4000 years. The standing walls today have been rebuilt by the great Sultan Suleiman during the reign of the Ottoman Empire in 1536 AD. Riding along them we will view two of the most popular gates, the Jaffa Gate, which is the main entrance to the Old City, and the New Gate leading to the Christian Quarter.
    • Safra Square & the Jerusalem Municipality: this newly renovated plaza holds within it the largest public square in Jerusalem, hosting the Independence Day festivals and championship celebrations of the local soccer and basketball teams.
    • The Bridge of Strings: This architectural masterpiece, situated in the gateway to Jerusalem, carries the light train and pedestrians, and fills everyone passing by with inspiration and awe. If you asked yourself whether the tour rides through the bridge, alongside the light train – It does!
    • The Machane Yehuda Market: there's no need to elaborate on one of the most exciting places to visit in Jerusalem, as this noisy, crowded, scent and color filled market proves a fantastic inclusion to the Half Day Tour.
    • The Rose Garden & Knesset: have a relaxed break in the shade of the trees in the Rose Garden, out looking the impressive Knesset (Israel's Parliament) building from less than a mile distance.
    • Rehavia: one of Jerualem's earliest neighborhoods, with highly inclined streets, bohemian café's and picturesque parks, proves a fine addition to this tour.

    Photo taken by Noam Chen for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism


    $65 per person

    group price:

    above 10 people – $65 per person

    What is provided/included and what do i need to bring?

    closed shoes (not a must), warm clothes for night rides, Jerusalem tends to be chilly at nights, bottle of water (not a must).

    What are my responsibilities as a client?

    make sure everyone knows how to ride a bike – intermediate level.

    What is the starting and ending points?

    the entrance to the Karta Parking lot, Yitzchak Kariv 6 Jerusalem.

    What kinds of bikes are provided on my bicycle tour?

    Marine Ella Valley, 26 inch wheels, 21 (7*3) shimano gear, sport/city bikes. women/men/children sizes available.

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