Cooking workshop in Mahane Yehuda Market



    2-4 Hours

    Kids Friendly

    Flexible menu for groups


    ZUZU tourism invites you to a unique and special "Jerusalemic" experience – Cooking workshops in the heart of the cultural and culinary center of Jerusalem, The Machane Yehuda Market. The activity consists of a short tour of the market, a full culinary lesson performance by one of our chefs and finally a full Lunch or Dinner cooked by yourself under the guidance of our chef. Come and enjoy with us a wonderful  journey of tastes, scents and culture in this memorable dining experience!

    Our Cooking Workshops:

    Appetizer Workshop – setting up a table the 'Jerusalemic' way:
    Most meals put their emphasis on a "Main Course", and some even wait the entire meal just for the dessert. Here in Israel, the appetizers are the backbone of any decent meal, consisting of dozens of different fruits, vegetables, cheeses and pastries, all of which are freshly bought and with complete natural ingredients. In our "Appetizer Workshop" we will focus on cooking a meal completely from appetizers, and see the hidden greatness behind these dishes, that will be cooked with the spirit of happiness and authenticity of the market, whilst including a little local alcohol to give it it's extra cheering flavor.

    Fisherman's Workshop – fishing in the middle of the desert:
    The residents of Jerusalem love the sea, and they love fish even more. Saltwater and freshwater, all the different kinds of (kosher) fish may find a warm home in the dishes of the 'Jerusalemic' kitchen. Both the mighty Norwegian Salmon and the local Mediterranean Buri are guests of honor in our workshop, conjoining the exotic taste of local and foreign fishes. In our "Fisherman's Workshop" we will center our cooking on all the aspects of how to skin, chop, bake, fry and season many different kinds of fish, all alongside a little "Arak", a local Israeli favorite anise alcoholic traditional beverage.

    'Jerusalemic' Workshop – the true authentic taste of the city:

    Jerusalem has it is own unique cuisine, combining many distinctive tastes, smells, scents, aromas, styles and colors, all of which unfold its culinary glory in one location – the Mahane Yehuda Market. The wide array of different cultures and backgrounds, from the Muslim of the eastern cities to the Polish Hassidics in East Europe and the Georgian jews in the Russain border, all have contributed their influence to the melting pot of taste and flavor that consist the 'Jerusalemic' cuisine. In our "'Jerusaelmic' Workshop" we will focus on meals that fuse together the taste buds of traditional meals with exotic touches of special flavors, hear a few stories on 'Jerusalemic' characters of many cultures, chop, fry, cook, bake, drink and have a wonderful time!


    Menu Options:

    Vegan and Gluten Free Menus are possible. Please contact us for further information.

    Is there a minimum number of participants?

    minimum of 6 persons required for a cooking workshop.

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