Family Bike Ride in Jerusalem – Mishkenot Sha'ananim & Yemin moshe


1.5-2 Hours

Kids Friendly

Flexible route for groups

Jerusalem biking offers our guests a selection of several two hour long, family friendly tours across the city of Jerusalem, as each of them explores different streets, neighborhoods, vista points & attractions. These tours are most recommended for families, as we invite our guests to join us for an intriguing and thrilling bike ride for children and adults alike. All tour paths have been selected specifically to allow a smooth and comfortable urban ride in the streets of the Old City, and are suitable for riders of all ages.

Join us for our most recommended day tour for first time visitors, featuring a superb vista point on the Old City in Jerusalem's first and foremost neighborhoods built outside the city walls. The tour includes a visit to many attractions, such as the King David Hotel, the YMCA building, the Cinematheque, the Begin Institution center, the Moshe Montefiore Windmill, the Sultans Pool, the Artist's Colony, Teddy Park and more! During sunset the tour enables an awe inspiring view of the Old City, the tricolored sky, and with clear visibility – the mountains of Jordan!


$53 per person

group price:

above 10 people – $50 per person

What is provided/included and what do i need to bring?

closed shoes (not a must), warm clothes for night rides, Jerusalem tends to be chilly at nights, bottle of water (not a must).

What are my responsibilities as a client?

make sure everyone knows how to ride a bike – intermediate level.

What is the starting and ending points?

the entrance to the Karta Parking lot, Yitzchak Kariv 6 Jerusalem.

What kinds of bikes are provided on my bicycle tour?

Marine Ella Valley, 26 inch wheels, 21 (7*3) shimano gear, sport/city bikes. women/men/children sizes available.

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