Biking & Tasting in Tel Aviv


Route map

2-4 Hours

Kids Friendly

Flexible route for groups

Fun in the sun day with Jerusalem-Israel Biking in a joint Bike & Dine experience in Tel Aviv. A delicious culinary tasting tour In the Carmel Market and a thrilling bike tour along the coast of Tel Aviv!

The tour conjoins two of our top most popular attractions into a single activity and enables our guests to bite, ride, bike and dine, all in one single tour!

Beginning in Gordon Beach, the tour heads south alongside the beach promenade and visits a selection of key sites of the Southern coastline, among them the Dolphinarium, the Hassan Beq Mosque, the Charles Clore Park and more! In every attraction the guide will provide the group with full explanations on each attraction, its history, heritage and importance to Tel Aviv.

After visiting the attractions, enjoying the view of the beaches and soaking up some sun, the tour will continue into the UNESCO World Heritage Site: the 'White City' of "Neve Tzedek", the renovated and most impressive neighborhood in Tel Aviv, which was built originally in 1887 and represents the modern movement of western architecture, with a deep emphasis on the German Bauhaus style. While visiting Neve Tzedek we will enjoy the beautiful historic buildings and the famous culture institutions, such as the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre and the Nachum Gutman Museum.

After visiting these attractions and more, the tour will go into its second phase – the Culinary Tasting Tour in the Carmel Market!

The culinary tour will provide our guests with full guidance and detailed explanations about the culture and history the market withholds, all while walking through the colorful stalls and intoxicating scents of spices and freshly deep-fried falafel.
During the culinary tour, you will get your taste buds worked out by tasting (at least!) six different samples in the market. Among them will be: freshly made Israeli proud Hummus, traditional arab coffee, sweet bakalava, freshly squeezed juices, exotic Tahina with many different tastes, Fried Chicken on a special Plancha, and much more!

Photo taken by Dana Friedlander for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism


$90 per person

group price:

above 10 people – $80 per person

What is provided/included and what do i need to bring?

closed shoes (not a must), warm clothes for night rides, Jerusalem tends to be chilly at nights, bottle of water (not a must).

What are my responsibilities as a client?

make sure everyone knows how to ride a bike – intermediate level.

What is the starting and ending points?

the entrance to the Karta Parking lot, Yitzchak Kariv 6 Jerusalem.

What kinds of bikes are provided on my bicycle tour?

Marine Ella Valley, 26 inch wheels, 21 (7*3) shimano gear, sport/city bikes. women/men/children sizes available.

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